Top SEAFOOD Recipes by Talented Turkish Chef | Humans of Turkey

Turkish seafood chef Ersan Yılmaz of @bordomavibalik has a very inspiring life story that will warm your heart! The insta-famous chef started his career by selling fresh fish on streets when he was only a high school student.

One day as he was cooking his lunch, a customer asked him if he can buy it. One customer turned into two and just like that he started selling cooked fish every day. His customers loved buying his seafood dishes as they are the best seafood recipes in Turkey! He opened a small restaurant for himself to reach his customers faster and slowly but surely he grew himself a fan base in Trabzon. Yet, his fame surpassed the city’s borders and now he has customers flocking from all four corners of the world, including politicians, celebrities, and football players.

Keep on watching the video to find out more on the heartwarming story of famous chef Ersan Yilmaz and his unique creations for his restaurant Bordo Mavi Balık in Trabzon, Turkey. If you like our content, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and click on the bell icon to be notified of our latest videos.

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