These Are The Absolute Spiciest Foods From Around The World

Spicy food is derned near everywhere these days, thanks to spicy chips and the Zoomer generation. But focusing on these fiery flashes in the pan makes it easy to forget that spicy food has always been an important part of world cuisine. That’s right, spicy dishes can be found in dozens of treasured national recipe books, and these dishes are increasingly available in the Western world, due to immigration and the importation of chiles and spices. Today, you can make these dishes at home, or better yet travel to a nearby restaurant that serves authentic representations. These are the absolute spiciest foods from around the world.

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Jerk Chicken | 0:00
Otak-Otak | 1:03
Carolina Reaper | 1:54
Phaal Curry | 2:57
Sichuan Hot Pot | 3:57
Papa a la huancaína | 4:43
Wasabi | 5:33
Paqui One Chip Challenge | 6:45
Kimchi Jjigae | 7:41
Pork Vindaloo | 8:30
Wat | 9:21

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