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Calling all seafood lovers! These top-rated seafood recipes celebrate simple preparations with step by step instruction and tones of flavors!

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0:10 Chef John’s Stuffed Squids with Sticky Rice
6:04 Chef Chen’s Seafood Pot
7:50 Chef Rigo’s Seafood Tajine (Tagine)

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Stuffed Squids with Sticky Rice
The tender glutinous rice matches the squid, which has a nice, chewy texture and rich flavor. The squid is stuffed with a bowl of flavorful sweet rice and lightly blanched in oil before it is gently braised with some Chinese aromatics, honey soy, and garlic. The sauce is reduced, robust, and holds to the outside of the squid.

Seafood Pot
A ‘Hot pot’ is said to be a social meal and this fish pot is certainly brimming with the fresh catch of the day. Plenty of aromatics incorporated throughout the dish creates a heart warming stew, that allows the seafood to shine. Serve alongside some crusty bread to soak up all those lovely juices not leaving any goodness to waste. A perfect way to enjoy a seafood pot with family and friends.

Seafood Tagine
Moroccan tajine dishes are slow-cooked savory stews, typically made with sliced meat, poultry or fish. Chef Rigo shows you tips on making it at home.

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