Super Delicious Seafood Cajun, A Recipe by Wandering Kusina – Episode 6

Feast on the sauce of this super delicious Seafood Cajun made by truly yours in this 6th episode by Wandering Kusina; a recipe made from scratch.

Seafood Cajun is not a fast recipe, but once you’re done with it, you just can’t stop digging into the sauce. This is best paired with steamed Jasmine Rice or you may opt to add into the mixture more Sweet Corn.

Wandering Kusina does not promise you easy recipes, but once you try them, you can thank us later. We will try our best to cook more easy recipes for you.


Now, here are the ingredients of our Seafood Cajun.

1 kg. Clams
1 kg. Squid
1/2 kg. Shrimps
3 pcs. Sweet Corn
10 bulbs Onions (minced)
9 bulbs Garlic (minced)
18 tbsp. Brown Sugar
3 tbsp. White Sugar
6 tsp. Salt
3 tbsp. Onion Powder
5 tbsp. Garlic Powder
2 tsp. Oregano
2 tsp. Thyme
2 tbsp. Black Pepper
5 tbsp. Paprika
3 tbsp. Cayenne Powder
3 tbsp. Soy Sauce
3 cups Water
250 gms. Salted Butter
Cooking Oil


1. The squid needs to be sliced and in a boiling water, using a strainer, dip the cut squid for 5-10 seconds. This way, the squid will be tender.

2. On the same boiling water, put in the clams and remove them once they start to open. You need to do this as well if you want to include Mussels in this recipe. Same as the Crabs, remove them once they turn orange.

3. On the same boiling water, you need to boil your cut Sweet Corn until they are cooked.

4. Let the used boiled water from the sea foods and sweet corn cool down, and you may use this as your 3 cups of water instead of the plain water we used in this video. This way, you will have a more tasty sauce.

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Special Thanks to:

Aries Vosotros for the Intro Music
Nhanev Soliva for the Apron used in this video
Mark Anthony Talavera, our Resident Chef
Stepahanie Vosotros for allowing me share to the world this wonderful recipe.
Calypso Vosotros for helping in preparing the recipe for this episode.


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