Seafood Okra soup ( okro soup) Gumbo- simple and easy

Okra soup or okro soup is very popular in Africa. This seafood okra soup is quite easy to prepare and made up of ingredients you can easily get in the food market or stores near you.
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If you’ve ever wondered how to make seafood okra soup, whether it’s Nigerian okra”okro” soup, gumbo okra”okro” soup, ghana okra”okro” soup, Liberia okro soup, Gambia okra”okro” soup. Sierra leone okra”okro” soup, you will surely enjoy this video.

This seafood okra”okro” soup is quite simple and contains fresh fish , prawns(shrimps), stock fish, crayfish, dried catfish and a lot more; but feel free to add any other seafood of your choice; such as crabs, lobster, squid, calamari and periwinkles.
Hope you enjoy.
Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about Seafood okra soup;
👉Is okro soup good for diabetes?
Yes this okra soup is loaded with vitamins and very good for people with diabetes. You might want to omit the palmoil and go easy on the seasoning and salt too.

👉 Is okro soup good for babies?
Babies from 8 month old can take okra soup. But you should be very careful with the shrimps and the other seafood in the soup and also watch out for bones.

👉 Can I prepare okra soup without palmoil?
Of course you can. Even though the palm oil gives the soup an authentic african taste, it can be omitted.

👉How to cook nigerian okra soup with ogbono?
Recipe coming soon
👉How to cook okro soup with egusi and spinach.
Recipe coming soon

👉Can I eat okro soup during pregnancy?
Yes you can eat okra soup during pregnancy. Okra is a rich vegetable that is good for both mother and child. So feel free to indulge.

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