Raspberry and Blackberry Recipes To Sweeten Your Summer

We know. It’s tough to resist the temptation to snack on berries fresh from the market on the way home. That’s why we always recommend picking up twice as many as you need. If you can hold off on devouring the entire basket, these bite-sized treasures will seriously upgrade your morning pancake game. Then you can spend the rest of the day thinking up ways to incorporate midsummer’s most irresistible fruits into sweet and savory dishes as well. 

Whether you prefer tart raspberries or sweeter blackberries, both shine brightly in sorbets, jams, shortcakes, and pies. Breakfast and dessert are certainly the classic courses for these vibrant fruits, but that doesn’t mean they should stay there pigeonholed when cocktail hour or even dinnertime rolls around. Berry-based condiments provide a welcome, seasonal sweetness to grilled meats, salads, and even seafood. Incorporate any overripe fruits into cocktails and shrubs, where their bright nectar softens both the heat of alcohol and tang of vinegar. Or macerate your harvest in a sprinkling of sugar and spice for an easy way to dress up puddings, slumps, and ice creams.

Still have more fruit leftover? Lucky you. Preserve that fleeting summer flavor for just a little longer, either by whipping up a batch of jam, or by stocking your icebox. Spread berries out in single layer on a baking sheet, freeze, then transfer those icy treasures to airtight containers or zip-top bags. Come wintertime, you’ll be glad you did.

Blackberry-Plum Lattice Pie
Matt Taylor-Gross

If working with extremely ripe and juicy fruit, you might need a bit more cornstarch to adequately thicken the filling of this pie—add up to 2 additional tablespoons. The same recipe and technique can be used with just about any summer fruit. Try a combination of berries, peaches, apricots, or black cherries; you can also add flavorings, such as a teaspoon of almond extract, or liqueur. Get the recipe for Blackberry-Plum Lattice Pie »

Raspberry Mascarpone Pie with Hazelnut Wafer Crust
Ellen Gray

Manner Neapolitaner Wafers and hazelnuts form the crust for a tart raspberry filling topped with sweet mascarpone cream and fresh raspberries. This rich dessert pairs well with strong coffee or a nightcap of hazelnut liqueur. Get the recipe for Raspberry Mascarpone Pie with Hazelnut Wafer Crust »

Blackberry Cream Pie with Toasted Oat and Sesame Crumb Crust
Farideh Sadeghin

Phoebe Lawless of Scratch Bakery in Durham, North Carolina makes cream pies all summer long that incorporate different fruits as they become available. This recipe works just as well with strawberries, peaches, cherries, or whatever is in peak season. It’s also a great way to use fruit that is just beyond its usability, whether bruised or overly ripe. Get the recipe for Blackberry Cream Pie with Toasted Oat and Sesame Crumb Crust »

Peach-Raspberry Pie
Thomas Payne

A classic double crust blankets ripe peaches and sweet-tart raspberries in this summer pie. Get the recipe for Peach-Raspberry Pie »

Blackberry Flummery
Farideh Sadeghin

This sweet pudding-like dessert from Sickles Market in Little Silver, New Jersey, gained popularity in the United Kingdom during the 17th century. You can discard the solids after straining the berries, but we love eating them on top of it along with freshly whipped cream. Get the recipe for Blackberry Flummery »

Fried Beets with Raspberry Sauce and Hazelnuts
Matt Taylor-Gross

Large beets, braised with balsamic vinegar, agave syrup, and aromatics and fried in a crisp tempura-like batter, are the main focus of this vegan dish that chef Josita Hartanto of Berlin’s Lucky Leek serves with a bright fresh raspberry sauce to balance the beets’ earthiness. Get the recipe for Fried Beets with Raspberry Sauce and Hazelnuts »

Raspberry Financiers
Matt Taylor-Gross

These mini financiers make perfect portable treats for summer get-togethers. They’re best eaten the day they’re made, but if you want to start them ahead of time, you can make the batter the day before, refrigerate it overnight, and bake them in the morning. Get the recipe for Raspberry Financiers »

Raspberry Ice Cream
Matt Taylor-Gross

Ice creams with a high water content, such as fruit flavors, will freeze icy. To improve the texture, add light corn syrup—not the maligned high-fructose variety, but rather the bottled supermarket stuff that’s only one-third as sweet as table sugar. Get the recipe for Raspberry Ice Cream »

Blackberry Rum Shrub

Shrub, the sweet-tart syrup favored by colonial Americans, is simply made by macerating fruit in sugar until the fruit exudes its juice, straining, then adding vinegar. Get the recipe for Blackberry Rum Shrub »

Grilled Salmon with Blackberry Sauce
Laura Sant

A rich, sweet-tart blackberry sauce adorns crispy skin-on salmon filets in this easy dish from Leah Koenig, who developed it for our One Ingredient, Many Ways series. Get the recipe Grilled Salmon with Blackberry Sauce »

Raspberry Brûlée
Nicole Franzen

This raspberry brûlée is a delightful combination of whipped cream and luscious ripe raspberries covered with a crunchy sugar topping. Get the recipe for Raspberry Brûlée »

Brown Butter Tart with Blackberries
Ingalls Photography

Parisian chef Paule Caillat melts butter in the oven for a fast, versatile tart crust with intense nutty flavor that pairs beautifully with pastry cream and fresh berries. Get the recipe for Brown Butter Tart with Blackberries »

Blackberry Pie
Nicole Franzen

When Jon Rowley was a child, his grandmother used to make juice from fresh-picked blackberries. In it, he says, “you could taste and smell the briar.” In this recipe, Rowley’s wife, Kate McDermott, has combined that flavor from his youth with a tender, flaky pie crust to create an exemplar of the Pacific Northwest’s cuisine. Get the recipe for Blackberry Pie »

Raspberry Pinwheels
André Baranowski

These sugar-crusted, jam-filled pastries are a morning treat at Twofish Baking Company in Sea Ranch, California. This recipe first appeared in our May 2014 issue with the story Early to Rise. Get the recipe for Raspberry Pinwheels »

raspberry trifle

This classic dessert is moistened with the sweetened, wine-spiked cream known as syllabub. Get the recipe for Raspberry Trifle »

Blackberry and Apple Cake
James Oseland

Loaded with ripe fruit, this moist cake is a cross between two classic English desserts, sponge cake and summer pudding. Get the recipe for Blackberry and Apple Cake »

Swiss Raspberry Sandwich Cookie
Sarah Karnasiewicz

These Swiss treats consist of two delicate, buttery cookies separated by a thin layer of delicious raspberry preserves. Get the recipe Swiss Raspberry Sandwich Cookies (Spitzbuebe) »

Raspberry Sorbet
James Oseland

Add whole raspberries to this sorbet at the last moment of churning to create a chunky texture. Get the recipe for Raspberry Sorbet »

Blackberry Slump
Todd Coleman

A cousin of the cobbler, this dessert is served at the Four Swallows restaurant on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Get the recipe for Blackberry Slump »

Raspberries in Pink Champagne Gelée
Michael Kraus

These simple gelled fruit desserts made with rosé champagne are an elegant way to serve summer berries. Get the Raspberries in Pink Champagne Gelée »

Sweet Corn and Black Raspberry Ice Cream
Todd Coleman

Playing off two popular summertime ingredients, this unique recipe combines the silky flavor of corn with the tartness of black raspberries. Get the recipe for Sweet Corn and Black Raspberry Ice Cream »

Raspberry-Rose Collins
MacKenzie Smith

The best and most surprising part of this tall, refreshing drink is the taste of rose on the finish. It comes not from any floral ingredient but from the gin—Nolet’s Silver, a brand with a pronounced rosy finish. Get the recipe Raspberry-Rose Collins »

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