Eating Seafood with Mark Wiens in Pakistan CRAB CLAW Lollipops Fish Market in Karachi,Pakistani!

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Congratulations to Shehroze and Alizeh on their marriage!

On our final day of our trip to Pakistan, Shehroze and Alizeh invited us over to their beach home in Karachi for a Pakistani seafood bbq.

But first, we woke up early in the morning and went to the Karachi fish market. Even at 5:30 am when we arrived it was vibrant and busy, and action packed. It was a good start to the day, because especially when I eat seafood, I love to visit the fish market and get a sense of the seafood available before eating it. We also stopped at the fisherman canteen for a quick local Pakistani Karachi breakfast of paratha and chai.

We drove out to the beach house, about an hour from the center of Karachi, along the Arabian sea. Already, the seafood feast was underway. There’s was both a full grill section of seafood, and a full curry section.

Everything was delicious, but the highlight were the crab lollipops, mostly crab claws and arms, which were tossed in a beautiful curry sauce. It was spectacular.

And this seafood meal was the perfect way to end an amazing trip to Pakistan!


End of Pakistan video series:

For 16 Days the People of Pakistan greeted us with respect and hospitality, allowed me to film, invited us into their homes, and many, even refused to let us to pay for food we ate… and the list goes on. Thank you to the People of Pakistani for your amazing hospitality and welcome.

Thank you to Ali for hosting us and for arranging and coordinating everything – without Ali this trip wouldn’t have been possible. Go say hi to Ali in Instagram:

Next congratulations to Shehroze and Alizeh on their marriage!

Finally, thank you for taking the time to watch this entire Pakistan video series, leaving comments, and sharing the videos. Thank you for your incredible support.


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