Deconstructed Creamy sea food pasta that is great for reheating.

By prepping them separately, you can refrigerate and heat up the very next day and it will still taste great.

Cheese is not required for this particular recipe. Due to the very strong FLAVOUR of cheese and the mild taste of fish, prawns and calamari, It is considered as a culinary faux pas to include cheese in your sea food sauce. I would literally be crucified for doing this in Italy. lol!!! Hence I called it deconstructed.

However, I
included it based on request by my client and it does taste great and I absolutely loved it.
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500g prawns
700g fish fillet
200g canned mushrooms (fresh button mushrooms are best)
1kg calamari
100g unsalted butter
50ml olive oil
500ml/700ml cooking cream
Salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
2 Tbs of corn flour (optional)
Top up with 50ml /100ml of water(optional)

Yields – 2.5L/2quarts

Penne pasta – 700g


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