You’ll Never Guess the Secret Ingredient in This Hearty Catalan Stew

At this very moment in Spain, with gazpacho season behind us and the days getting shorter, someone is pricking chorizo for Asturian fabada (slow-cooked pork and beans), simmering fish fumet for Basque marmitako (tuna stew), and sautéing sofrito for Manchegan caldereta (wine-braised lamb). Me? I’m in my slippers boiling pig blood and chopping chocolate for …

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Quail Civet Recipe | Saveur

Mild, tender quail is a crowd-pleasing game bird. Available at specialty butcher stores, it cooks quickly and plays well with aromatics like garlic and herbs. The keys to this recipe’s deeply flavored sauce are the well-browned mirepoix at the start of cooking and the scant shards of dark chocolate whisked in for depth and sheen …

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Venison Civet | Saveur

Venison is the star civet ingredient during roe deer (“corzo” in Catalan) hunting season, which runs from September to February. The abundance of red wine and the long marination time tame the lean meat’s faint gaminess. Ladle the stew over mashed potatoes enriched with olive oil or serve with roasted vegetables for a cozy cold-weather …

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Gazpacho Andaluz Recipe (Chilled Tomato Soup)

Gazpacho, which was purportedly invented in Seville, is traditionally served as a refreshing final course at the end of a meal. Though there are now many versions of this chilled soup, this tomato-based Andalusian variety is the one that most tastes like summer in a bowl. The toppings are endlessly customizable, so feel free to …

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