Zabaglione Recipe | Saveur

In Italian, sbaglione means “big mistake.” This happy accident may have been “mistakenly” invented in Florence—though it is usually made with marsala, the famous Sicilian fortified wine. The recipe eventually migrated to France, where it is known as “sabayon,” and is typically made using the local white wines. Feel free to swap out the Marsala …

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Indonesian Peanut Sauce Recipe (Bumbu Kacang)

This rich peanut sauce from chef, cookbook author, and satay expert Vanja Van der Leeden ticks all the boxes. It’s creamy, nutty, spicy and aromatic. Traditionally made in a heavy mortar and pestle, Van der Leeden’s version can be made quickly and easily in a blender. Unable to eat peanuts? Try swapping them out for …

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Sambal Tempeh with Lemon Basil Recipe

The combination of nutty tempeh and aromatic lemon basil is an elegant match in this fiery Indonesian condiment adapted from chef Vanja Van der Leeden’s cookbook INDOSTOK.  Quite different from more common, saucy sambals, this dryer style goes well with grilled eggplant, rice, and steamed fish. Fresh or frozen makrut limes can be found at …

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