Homemade Maraschino Cherry Recipe | Saveur

The secret to clinching this recipe, which is adapted from Kate Lebo’s Book of Difficult Fruit, is finding and pitting fresh sour cherries. More tart, fragile, and complex than their sweeter cousins, they have a particularly short season. While frozen sour cherries hold up beautifully for baked desserts like pies and crumbles, in this preparation, …

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Encurtido Recipe (Spicy Honduran Picked Vegetables)

Whether in San Pedro Sula, the Bronx, or New Orleans, any local Honduran baleada spot will have a version of this pungent, Latin American condiment. Used to add bright crunch to all sorts of dishes from breakfast to dinner, the thinly sliced vegetable medley may be either quick-pickled in vinegar (as in this recipe from …

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Braised Chicken Basque-Style (Chicken Basquaise)

This braised chicken recipe is emblematic of the Basque region’s affection for colorful, peppery stews and is is adapted from a version served by Spanish chef Sébastien Gravé. While paprika works in a pinch, it’s worth seeking out the flakier, lightly spicy, and more enigmatic Espelette pepper which is traditional in the region. Find it …

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