These Cookbooks Teach You How to Hunt and Prepare Wild Game

Wild game is having a renaissance in home kitchens and restaurants across the United States. Enjoying wild-caught meat can open up home cooks to a much more diverse world of flavors, including mallard, pheasant, venison, and crab.  Jody Horton Game cookbooks are a great jumping off point to learning how to prepare these less commonly …

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Quail Civet Recipe | Saveur

Mild, tender quail is a crowd-pleasing game bird. Available at specialty butcher stores, it cooks quickly and plays well with aromatics like garlic and herbs. The keys to this recipe’s deeply flavored sauce are the well-browned mirepoix at the start of cooking and the scant shards of dark chocolate whisked in for depth and sheen …

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Venison Civet | Saveur

Venison is the star civet ingredient during roe deer (“corzo” in Catalan) hunting season, which runs from September to February. The abundance of red wine and the long marination time tame the lean meat’s faint gaminess. Ladle the stew over mashed potatoes enriched with olive oil or serve with roasted vegetables for a cozy cold-weather …

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Ligurian-Style Braised Rabbit (Coniglio alla Ligure)

You will find this iconic Italian stew on the menu of every self-respecting, family-style, countryside trattoria in Liguria. Easy to raise, quick to reproduce, and requiring limited space to house, rabbits rapidly became the livestock of choice in the harsh Ligurian hills. When simmered slowly with white wine and the flavors of local ingredients like …

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