Zabaglione Pavlova with Pineapple and Black Pepper Recipe

Writer and spirits professional Tammie Teclemariam likes to drizzle a classic Marsala zabaglione over this cloudlike pineapple pavlova. Not only does the pillow of meringue make for an impressive base for the tropical fruit salad—it also uses up all the whites leftover from whipping up the fragrant and frothy Italian custard. While the meringue may …

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Zabaglione Recipe | Saveur

In Italian, sbaglione means “big mistake.” This happy accident may have been “mistakenly” invented in Florence—though it is usually made with marsala, the famous Sicilian fortified wine. The recipe eventually migrated to France, where it is known as “sabayon,” and is typically made using the local white wines. Feel free to swap out the Marsala …

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Steak Diane Recipe | Saveur

Considered a signature entree at Manhattan’s beloved Drake Hotel, Steak Diane is widely attributed to Beniamino Schiavon, the Drake’s maître d’hôtel from 1942 to 1967. Though many assume the name references the Roman goddess of the hunt, The New York Times, in its 1968 obituary of Schiavon, described the titular Diane only as a “beauty …

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Salmon Rillettes Recipe by Dorie Greenspan

Perfect for a fancy picnic, or as part of a lavish holiday feast, this French spread, from American cookbook author Dorie Greenspan, is made with both poached and smoked salmon for textural contrast. Pack it into jars the night before you plan to serve—the flavors improve with time. Featured in: “How Dorie Greenspan Does New Year’s …

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Braised Chicken Basque-Style (Chicken Basquaise)

This braised chicken recipe is emblematic of the Basque region’s affection for colorful, peppery stews and is is adapted from a version served by Spanish chef Sébastien Gravé. While paprika works in a pinch, it’s worth seeking out the flakier, lightly spicy, and more enigmatic Espelette pepper which is traditional in the region. Find it …

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