Sunchoke Hummus Recipe | Saveur

Tahini and lemon accent the earthy, nutty quality of Jerusalem artichokes in this creamy appetizer. At Elaine Murphy’s The Woollen Mills in Dublin, chef Ian Connolly serves it drizzled with aromatic paprika oil and pile of hot crisp baked sweet potato wedges for dipping. Featured in: “10 Ingredients We’re Obsessed With.” Sunchoke Hummus The earthy, …

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21 Recipes to Curry Flavor and Win Appetites

When nothing but flavorful, saucy comfort food will do, the whole world turns to curry. Hearty, brothy, and elaborately spiced, the category frequently recalls the vibrant streets of India, but while the dish is certainly rooted in the culinary traditions of the Subcontinent, curry has, through a combination of trade, migration, and colonialism, become a …

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