Bell Pepper Recipes to Ring in the End of Summer

Dear bell pepper. You sweet charmer, thank you for not trying to actively hurt us.  The milder cousin of the capsicum genus, the bell pepper is heftier and far milder than than most of its fiery cousins—but it’s hardly short on flavor. Red, green, and yellow versions of this colorful breed adorn conventional supermarket produce sections …

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21 Recipes to Curry Flavor and Win Appetites

When nothing but flavorful, saucy comfort food will do, the whole world turns to curry. Hearty, brothy, and elaborately spiced, the category frequently recalls the vibrant streets of India, but while the dish is certainly rooted in the culinary traditions of the Subcontinent, curry has, through a combination of trade, migration, and colonialism, become a …

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Crispy Adobo Chicken Wings Recipe

Filipino Thai American chef King Phojanakong developed these bright and savory adobo chicken wings for Jimmy Carbone’s now-defunct Jimmy’s No. 43 in Manhattan. This home adaptation opts to crisp the skin under the broiler rather than in a deep fryer. Featured in: “The Pride of the Philippines Makes a Killer Bar Snack.” Adobo Chicken Wings …

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Braised Chicken Basque-Style (Chicken Basquaise)

This braised chicken recipe is emblematic of the Basque region’s affection for colorful, peppery stews and is is adapted from a version served by Spanish chef Sébastien Gravé. While paprika works in a pinch, it’s worth seeking out the flakier, lightly spicy, and more enigmatic Espelette pepper which is traditional in the region. Find it …

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The Best General Tso’s Chicken Made Easy

Apricot jam lends a touch of sweetness, acidity, and sheen in this riff on a classic General Tso’s chicken, a dish with Hunanese and Taiwanese roots which has become a Chinese American takeout favorite. Dried Tianjin chiles (also known as Tien Tsin) can be found in many Asian markets, or online. Featured in: “The Best …

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Suprema Maryland (Argentine Chicken Milanesa)

Originally an extravagant treat in Buenos Aires’ white table clothed restaurants and adventurous home kitchens, the suprema Maryland is an exercise in umami and excess no matter where you eat it. As a rule, this Argentine chicken milanesa is always served with fried bananas and creamed corn, but it may also include shoestring french fries, …

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