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Established in 1982, Hotel Fishland in Gandhinagar, Bengaluru is one of the city’s oldest dining spots to cater to a seafood craving. Specialising in Konkani and coastal Mangalorean cuisine, the most popular item here is the seafood thaali.

Food Lovers’ Editor, Kripal Amanna visits revisits this establishment and savours not just the special ‘limited’ seafood thaali, but a host of other delicacies like the crab curry, bangude (mackerel) fry and prawns masala amongst others. Enjoy!

Special Limited Fish Thaali
This thaali, complete with a fish curry, fish fry, vegetable of the day, rice, buttermilk and yoghurt had the potential to be a rather satisfying fish meal, especially given the fulsome flavours of the kaane curry. However, it was let down by the kingfish fry that although swathed in a spirited masala and crumb-fried, wasn’t the epitome of freshness. Next time, I would order either a fish curry or the limited thaali that arrives minus the fry, but offers terrific value at at Rs. 180, and a fish fry separately.
Rs. 320 (usd 5.3)

Bangude Fry
This is what a fish fry should be all about. The mackerel was fresh, plump and juicy. Fried such that the masala formed a thick crust. You can taste the heat of the chilli and the tang of the tamarind in the masala, this combination of spicy and sour made for the perfect complement to the oily flavours of the mackerel.
Rs. 160 (usd 2.2)

Prawns Fry
You can taste the sweetness of the sea prawns notwithstanding the robust masala. The prawns are fresh, springy to the bite and the masala coating this crustacean is fried to a delightful crust. Order these for sure.
Rs. 295 (usd 4.1)

Marvai Sukka
The clams are wanting in their flavour. All that you taste is the masala, the clams barely make their presence felt.
Rs. 160 (usd 2.2)

Crab Masala
The crab is delicious, plump with briny-sweet flavoured flesh. Chew on the crab shell unabashedly to lap up every ounce of its goodness that also carries the flavour of the curry. The curry too has tones of the crab ‘sweetness’. Another winner here at Fishland.
Rs. 275 (usd 3.8)

ADDRESS – Hotel Fishland, 1st Cross Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560 009; tel +91 +91 80 2291 2173

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