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Halibut is one of the most popular types of fish from Alaska. It is a very flaky and mild flavored fish that has an almost slight sweetness to it. But even with its versatile simplicity you most properly cook halibut to ensure the quest quality flavor. This halibut recipe is one the finest ways to prepare the fish to keep it flaky, moist, and flavorful. Poaching is absolutely the best way to cook halibut steaks or fillets. It is a very simple method to cooking fish but many would agree that it is a simple halibut recipe that makes some of the best seafood dishes.

This is not the only fresh halibut recipe that we have on file! Global Seafoods has a great collection of some of the best halibut recipes! How do you cook halibut? See if any of these recipes can change the way you prepare your halibut! Do you need new pan seared halibut recipe? Grilled halibut can be quite a treat for dinner! A beer batter fried halibut recipe can be the best thing for your fish and chips! Check out our entire recipes collection to see what you can be cooking today!

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Watch about Alaskan Halibut Poaching


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