Adults Only : Japanese LIVE EEL Killing and Cleaning Skills

Grilled unagi is a relatively expensive delicacy in Japan, prized not only for its flavor but also for its legendary stamina-giving properties. It’s traditionally eaten during the hottest part of the summer (on the “Day of the Ox” on the lunar calendar) to provide strength and vitality for the rest of the year.

Well-prepared unagi combines a rich flavor (a bit like pate) with an appetizing texture – crisp on the outside but succulent and tender on the inside. The cooking process is what makes the eel crisp and tender: The eels are first grilled over hot charcoal, then steamed to remove excess fat, then seasoned with a sweetish sauce and grilled a second time. In the Kansai area (around Osaka) the steaming step is omitted and the eel is grilled longer, burning off the excess fat and producing an even crisper skin.

This video have been recorded by : さかなや 水嶋鮮魚店

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