$6 Lobster VS $460 Lobster in Vietnam!!! (Biggest Lobster in Vietnam!)

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1. TÔM CÀNG HIỀN BÉO: Lobster in Tamarind Sauce
ADDRESS: 85 Nguyen Thuong Hien street, Ward 5, District 3, HCMC

🦞LOBSTER IN TAMARIND SAUCE: Clean & cut the lobster. Place lobster in a hot pan with garlic sauce & tamarind sauce. Add fish sauce, fried pork fat & chopped coriander.

💸PRICE: $6.79 USD/158.000VND (200g)
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2. THANH NABI MỰC KHỔNG LỒ: Grilled Squid Teeth + Squid teeth in Sauce
ADDRESS: 1101A Ba Thang Hai Street, Ward 10, District 11, HCMC

🦑GRILLED SQUID TEETH: Poach the squid teeth for 10 seconds then place on a charcoal stove. Flip each tooth every 5 minutes and brush with cashew oil. Cut them into small pieces & add chilli paste (chilli salt, dried chilli, fish sauce & chilli oil). Serve with coriander & cucumber.

🦑SQUID TEETH IN BUTTER-GARLIC SAUCE: Cut squid teeth into small pieces. Place into a hot pan with butter, cashew oil, condensed fish sauce, shrimp salt and onion. Serve with coriander & fried chilis on top.

💸PRICE: Grilled Squid Teeth $4.29 USD/100.000VND | Squid Teeth in Sauce $4.29USD/100.000VND
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3. SKY GARDEN BBQ: Lobster Salted Egg Sauce + Fried Claw with Garlic + Fried Claw with Butter-Garlic Sauce
ADDRESS: 823 Phan Van Tri Street, Ward 5, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

🦞LOBSTER SALTED EGG SAUCE: Boil the whole lobster for 40 minutes then separate body and claws. Cut the lobster into 2 halves. For the salted egg sauce: Steam 5 salted egg yolks for 10 minutes & then put them in a bowl. Add water and smash the yolks. Add cooking oil to a skillet, pour in the salted egg sauce and stir. Put the lobster in the pan and allow it to cook with the sauce. Serve with coleslaw.

🦞FRIED CLAW WITH GARLIC: Rub the lobster claw with frying powder. Prepare a hot pan & add garlic. Place claw in the pan and fry for 1.5 mins. Remove lobster & mix with shrimp salt, onions, bell peppers, chilli and garlic.

🦞FRIED CLAW WITH BUTTER-GARLIC SAUCE: Add butter, grinded garlic, water, MSG, condensed milk, oyster oil, cashew oil and chilli sauce to a hot pan. Place the claw in the pan and allow it to soak in the sauce for 1 minute. Remove the claw and place in a dish. Add onion slices in the pan and mix in with the sauce. Pour the sauce all over the claw and sprinkle fried garlic on top.

💸PRICE: $83.75 USD/1.950.000VND per kg of lobster
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